MixBox Square 30х30cm

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MixBox Square 30х30 cm is a blank, specially treated 3mm thick MDF base for creativity.

MixBox has a wide variety of functions as it can be used to organize the working area and put in order small details or pieces of decoration, used in the process of creative work, e.g. sequins, beads, rhinestones, details cut from cardboard or paper, buttons and other decorative elements.

MixBox is also just perfect for subject photography of the above-listed items, e.g. for advertising purposes or for a demonstration on Instagram and other social networks or media.

Moreover, a decorated or painted MixBox can be used as a decorative tray for small cakes, sweets, or seasonings at home or for some celebrations and holidays.

It is very easy to paint the MixBox, because the blank material does not require preliminary priming. To decorate your box, you can use decoupage materials or scrapbooking paper from numerous items presented by Fabrika Decoru.

You can also use texture pastes or Rustic paints to create a volume or “grunge” texture.

You can use Shabby Velour or Chameleon paints to create a vintage surface or to get a magical shimmer effect.

These and many other materials, presented by Fabrika Decoru, will help you to create a unique object of art that will perfectly fit into your interior.

Produced by "Fabrika Decoru", Ukraine.