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Decoupage is a trendy and widespread type of modern art in the world, rooted in the crafts and art of the Middle Ages. The word decoupage is translated from French découper, which means "to cut."

In practice, for the decoupage technique, various kinds of color pictures are used, which are also called A4 or A3 decoupage cards, as well as color napkins. Cut images are compiling in composition and used to decorate furniture or interior objects. This technique still has not lost its relevance. With the only difference that in the middle ages the decoupage technique was available exclusively to professional masters who had been honing their experience for many years. In those days, decoupage was really expensive art, because only very rich people could purchase furniture and different things made using the decoupage technique. Masters who decorated various decoupage interior items such as furniture, chairs, dressers, vases and various household utensils asked a lot of money for their hard work. It wasn’t enough to make a beautiful color picture (previously, because there were no color printing devices), it was necessary to make glue and varnish for decoupage, which over time did not lose their quality properties. Over time, the varnish on the furniture grew old and cracked, which gave the work a special charm, hence the word craquelure and craquelure varnish.

Nowadays, decoupage, as a kind of hobby and applied arts, has acquired a new breath and has become available not only to professionals but also to beginners. Judge for yourself, all the materials for decoupage, previously inaccessible to all people, have become cheap and are now in stock at the online store Magic Attic. You may purchase:

  • texture pastes and gels for decoupage (see specific section);
  • gloss and matt varnishes for decoupage;
  • bitumen for decoupage;
  • crackle medium for decoupage;
  • stencils (see specific section).

Using all of the above, as well as other inexpensive decoupage materials available in our online store you can create unique masterpieces from a variety of objects that seem to be of no artistic interest. Just look at a completely ordinary object from a different angle, show a little imagination, apply a certain amount of diligence and as a reward you will get a real sample of applied art that will be admired not only by your friends and relatives but by strangers.