Shaker dimension set "Barbershop" kraft

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Shaker dimension set

The set of pieces to create a shaker embellishment on cards, notebooks, albums.

The set contains three elements: a base made from light material 3mm thick, a clear acetate piece and a kraft-brown frame for decoration.

The ready assembled shaker is 5 mm high.
The size of the shaker dimension set 7x11,9 cm.

How to use:

  • adhere a thick base to the embellished background;
  • fill your shaker up with any small particles you want: glitter, deco toppings, beads, sequins, etc.
  • adhere a clear acetate piece and a frame for decoration.
  • to adhere the elements we recommend to use clear polymer glue.

Non-toxic. Not for children under 14.
Made in Ukraine, "Fabrika Decoru"TM