Palantine "Autumn Night"

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Palantine «Autumn Night» is very elegant. It is thin but warm. The design will suit more women than men because of different minor feminine additions. 

Reversible, can be worn on different sides.

Consists of black, grey and blue merino wool, viscose and wool yarn.

Size: 188 x 44 cm.

How to take care of the woolen items:

Wool has the property of repelling dirt, so it is unnecessary to wash the woolen items often. If necessary, hand wash the woolen item gently with detergent for wool and silk. Squeeze the water out by rolling the woolen item into a ball, without twisting, then press it slightly with a towel. Iron your moist item with steam (use Wool regime). Dry unfolded. 

About the author and materials:

Olga Soboleva is a felt specialist based in Tallinn (Estonia). She has been making wool felt items for 10 years and loving it. During these years, she has accumulated extensive experience in working with this unique material. Olga felts from high quality wool of Australian merino sheep. This wool is very thin (only 18-19 microns), which makes it possible to felt especially soft and warm things. Unfortunately, when these sheep are transported to other climates, their wool becomes coarser. Therefore, Olga uses the wool from Australia only.

Тhe master is especially fond of scarves and palantines. Like an artist's canvases, they provide a lot of scope for creativity. Olga "paints" on wool with shiny and matte viscose, silk and natural threads. This makes the products elegant and extra durable. The warmth and softness of the products are very suitable for the cool climate.

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