A6 notebook "Coffee Art"

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Thick A6 sized notebook with hard coffee brown mixed media cover. The cover is decorated with real elegant vintage coffee spoon and real coffee beans, as well as all kind of mixed media and other embellishments. All the decorations are very well fixed (partially sewn!) onto the cover.

Inside one can find Ciao Bella patterned paper side sheets, decorated with die cut, overlays and inspirational quotes.

The book is hand-sewn of over 100 aged, hand-dyed pages. Most of the pages have different kind of intentionally created "defects" to make them look old and used. Some pages have stamping ornaments. 

Between the sheets, there are two-sided decorated dividers, hand-bound inside the book. Their edges are decorated with brown lace, which makes the notebook look thick and soft, very pleasent to hold in hands.

The notebook has two beautiful bookmarks. One is made of coffee cup pendant and another one is made of beads.

 The process of making: