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Pearl sprays


Fabrika Decoru Pearl Sprays offer pearl radiance like that of precious pearls. The sprays contain distilled water, water-soluble pigment, special adhesive emulsion and pearlescent pigment. Spray paint is odorless, non-toxic, does not contain harmful substances. After drying, it forms a matte translucent surface with pearl overflows. Pearl sprays are intended for coloring paper, cardboard, fabric, wood and other primed surfaces. As a primer, it is better to use a special white or transparent Gesso, specially developed by Fabrika Decoru technologists.

Before use, the pearl spray must be thoroughly shaken so that the pearl pigment is evenly mixed with water and ink. Otherwise, there is a risk of clogging the atomizer. Also, after work, you need to wipe the sprayer with a damp cloth. If you follow these simple rules, pearl spray will serve you for a long time.

Let's talk in details about the artistic effects that can be easily created with Fabrika Decoru pearl sprays. If you want to create an effect of mystery, as if a surface shrouded in a pearl haze, changing its shade at an angle, sparkling in the sun - pearl sprays from Fabrika Decoru are what you need. After all, with their help, you can very easily highlight the texture of your work.

Spray is a translucent paint, which means that its color largely depends on the color of the background on which it is applied. If you want to get the declared palette, then you need to use a white background. If the task is simply to give a shade to the project, adding a pearly sheen to it, then you can apply the spray on a black or any other dark background. Pearl sprays look great in projects dedicated to winter and winter holidays, in wedding albums and invitations, in delicate shabby postcards and on mixed media canvases. They will add tenderness and mystery, highlight the texture and material on which they are applied.

The colors are perfectly mixed with each other, forming new shades. Thanks to the sprayer, the paint is very easy to apply. It is best to spray on a project that is vertical or at an angle to the table. This will allow the paint to create beautiful streaks, completely fill the surface and paint the desired area or element of the work more evenly. The paint can be left to dry naturally, or you can speed up the process with a hair dryer.