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Chalk sprays



Chalk sprays produced by Fabrika Decoru are used in different arts and crafts, and scrapbooking in particular. Chalk spray consists of distilled water that has undergone deep purification, special dyes and pigments, stabilizing additives, acrylic emulsion. Chalk spray is non-toxic and does not contain in its composition of harmful substances and heavy metals.

Chalk spray is designed to apply on paper, cardboard, fiberboard, wood, fabric and any surfaces base covered. After drying, it forms a silky matte surface with the effect of a chalk-coated material. Before applying the chalk spray to ensure that all the components in the bottle are well mixed, we strongly recommend that you shake the contents vigorously. And after work, we advise you to wipe the spray nozzle by a damp cloth.

Please note, that the resulting surface does not look completely matte, but silky-matte. We specifically emphasize this. A special emulsion is added to the spray, which after drying forms a protective film and enhances adhesion with glossy surfaces. This property of the spray is especially important when you decide to cover dissimilar elements in work for example, paper and plastic, metal and fabric. Exactly this film will hold the paint firmly on all surfaces. Thus, the chalk spray by Fabrika Decoru is universal, not requiring special surface preparation, as well as special artistic skills when applied. Chalk sprays are absolutely fit to everyone!