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Crackle paste - White, 150ml

7,50 €

Qty: 15

Crackle texture paste is an essential medium for vintage and Shabby Chic projects!

It is super easy! Use crackle paste on cardboard, wood, MDF, canvas, ceramics or thick primed paper. Apply it to your chosen surface with a palette knife or a brush. You may also use it with stencils, if needed. Let the paste dry. It might take 0,5-2 h to dry in air, but you can speed the process up, using a heat tool. But if you do, please hold the heat tool at the distance of at least 20 cm from the surface. We still recommend to let the paste dry in air, because this will result in deeper, more beautiful crackles.

This texture paste is WHITE, thick, matte. After it is dry, you can paint it with any arts media you want.

This paste dries out fast. So please cover the jar well, when not in use. Do not remove the inner foil completely. It is recommended to use it every time you cover the jar.

Volume: 150 ml

Produced in Ukraine.


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