Stencil A4 - 111

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Stencil for decoration XL size (30*21cm) is used as a template for wall ornamenting, decoration of various interior items, fabrics, wood and other surfaces. The stencil template is made of translucent, non-toxic plastic 300 microns thick. Suitable for working with paints, sprays, structural pastes, putty, glass icing agents on various surfaces: wood, glass, ceramics, paper, cardboard and others.

Can be used multiple times. To securely fix the stencil on three-dimensional surfaces, we recommend using a special stencil glue that does not leave marks.


  • Dimensions: 30cm х 21cm
  • Not for children under 14.
  • After use, gently wipe the stencil with a damp cloth;
  • To dry the stencil, place it on a dry cloth or absorbent paper.

Made in Ukraine, "Fabrika Decoru".