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Glitter color Black silver

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Glitter, color Black silver, 20 ml is a dry fine powder of sparkling particles.

It can be used in creativity, arts and scrapbooking to decorate greeting cards, invitations, album pages. Glitter allows you to create a sparkling, iridescent shiny surface. Applying this stunning and magical product, you can create bright accents on Christmas tree toys or on festive interior compositions.

Glitter is easy to use and economical to use. Has a high reflectivity.

Glitter can be mixed with any paste or glue and may use in any painting technique, simply applying this mix like paint onto the surface, using a brush. To achieve a brighter effect, you can use another method: apply the adhesive on the decorating surface, and while it does not dry out, sprinkle glitter on the adhesive layer.

Features of the application:


Keep tightly closed in a dry place;

Volume: 20 ml.

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