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Dry paint "Magic paint with effect" color "Ice Avocado", 15ml

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Dry powder “Magic paint with effect” is a special non-toxic pigment light and very fine powder. Designed to create a liquid watercolors, inks, color texture pastes, gels, and paints with metallic and pearl effects. Suitable for decorative purposes as well as for traditional painting. Can be used on paper, canvas, fabric, cardboard, wood, or any other primed surface. The dry powder paint is perfectly soluble in water, acrylic mediums, paints and texture pastes.





How to use:


Variant 1: Apply a little dry powder paint to the surface and then sprinkle it using clean water.
Variant 2: First dampen the canvas, and then scatter some dry powder paint;
Variant 3: Dissolve some powder in a small amount of water and use it as watercolors or inks;
Variant 4: For painting purposes the powder can be added to the mediums, paints or texture pastes




Color saturation can be adjusted by changing the concentration of the powder. Using only one color you can get a palette from dark and saturated to light pastel shades. The color of the label matches the color of the paint, which you will receive as a result. Paints can be perfectly mixed together, creating new shades and tints. After drying it creates a metallic and pearl surface.

Terms and conditions of use and storage.



  • Not for children under 14 years.
  • Use in rubber gloves.
  • Keep the jar closed.
  • Storage period: unlimited.
  • This product is not subject to mandatory certification.
  • Package: 15ml bottles



Produced by TM “Fabrika Decoru”, Ukraine


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