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Double-sided scrapbooking paper set "Autumn Botanical Diary", 12”x12”

6,50 €

SKU: FDSP-01111
Qty: 33

"Autumn botanical diary" is a set of bright autumn double-sided 30,5cm x 30,5cm (12 "x12") paper sheets with a density of 200 g.sq.m. True to its name, the collection is filled with a natural combination of colors that are typical for mid-autumn. There is a brown woody color together with the bright red-orange color of fallen leaves and green shades of the outgoing summer.

  • Bonus – a sheet of images for cutting and decorative cards

  • A set of 10 double-sided 12"x12" (30,5 cm x 30,5 cm) paper sheets

  • Density 200 g/m

  • Lignin and acid-free

Produced by TM “ Fabrika Decoru”, Ukraine


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