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Crackle medium 75ml

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Crackle medium


Transparent one-step water-based craquelure medium. It is used to create cracks on hard surfaces. It causes acrylic paint or varnish to crack. Apply some paint or varnish right on the medium. Odorless.



Terms and conditions of use:


1) Apply a primer to the decorated surface. Let the primer dry and apply a layer of acrylic paint (the color of future cracks) or adhere an image which afterwards should be coated by two layers of acrylic varnish.


2) After the paint or varnish thoroughly dries, apply a thin layer of the craquelle medium by a soft wide synthetic brush. The drying time of the craquelle medium depends on a set goal. The wetter and thicker is the layer the bigger cracks will appear; the thinner and drier is the layer the thinner and more delicate the cracks will be.


3) Apply the second layer of paint to the surface. The color of the second paint should contrast the firs paint. Do not use metallic paints (gold, silver, copper, bronze) as they do not crack and can be used only as a first background layer.


The size and form of cracks depend on a tool you use to apply the second layer of acrylic paint. When using a brush, you will get longwise cracks. When using a sponge, you will get random cracks.


Important! Apply only one layer of paint! The second layer will not crack!




  • Do not freeze.
  • Storage conditions from +5 to +40°C
  • Do not give to children under 14 years.
  • The product is not under mandatory certification
  • Non-toxic
  • Package: 75 ml bottle


Made by TM “Fabrika Decoru”, Ukraine




Important! This product cannot be shipped at a temperature below 0°C


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