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A1 Creatives acrylic resin "Graphite" 300g

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A1 (Acrylic One) is a two-component material and consists of a mineral powder and a water based acrylic resin. These bond and result in a very strong material. A1 is environmentally friendly, non toxic, fire resistant and is easy to use. 

A1 Creatives GRAPHITE is a ready to use three-component system consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based resin. There is also a Graphite Dust Powder added that comes inside the larger pot of powder. The dust is used to apply a thin layer into the mould before casting the mixture. It is not always necessary.

A1 Creatives is developed to be cast into silicone moulds, as it will create a copy of the mould with all the fine detail. The ready figures come out almost black - perfect for mixed media!

The set includes:
A1 liquid – 100 g

A1 mineral powder – 200 g

Graphite Dust Powder (comes in the larger pot of Graphite Powder)

Stirring stick - 1 pc

Mixing ratio: 2 parts powder : 1 part resin (on weight) 

Processing time: 12-15 min

Demoulding time: approx. after 1 hour


  • Solvents free
  • Low generation of heat (max 40°C)
  • No shrinkage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very high standard of fire resistance
  • UV stabilized
  • Can be painted over
  • Great variety in surface structures
  • Rain water proof (when sealed)
  • Good mechanical properties