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Blank for decoration #224

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Blank for decoration

Aimed at creating interior decorations. Made of 4mm thick playwood, it doesn’t require additional grinding or sanding. To decorate the blank you can addionally buy some decorative elements following this linkThe blank can be decorated with paints, wood stain, scrapbooking paper, decoupage cards in the following techniques: decoupage, scrapbooking, mixed- media, painting. 

How to use:

  • where it is necessary, use some glue (PVA or multi purpose glue).   

  • the assembled project can be decorated. It is recommended to cover a project with acrylic varnish after decoration. 


IMPOPRTANT! Do not break the parts out of the base. Carefully cut the parts at the attaching points.

Size: 500х200mm

Material: 4mm thick plywood.


Do not give to children under 14

Made by TM “Fabrika Decoru”, Ukraine

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