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3-D texture gel

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3-D texture gel is used as a transparent texture paste to get a volume surface with the plastic look effect. It may applicate on the different surfaces like wood, cardboard, fiberboard, particle board, fabric.

Possible methods of application: brush, palette knife, spatula. Just apply it through a stencil and you will get three-dimensional images with a clear contour. 3-D gel can be used as an adhesive for decorations, deco-toppings, beads, glitter.

Features of application:

• Rinse brush and tools immediately after use.

• After contact with skin wash it off.

• Store in tightly closed containers at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.

• Not for children under 14 years.

• Volume: 150 ml.

• This product may not transported at the temperature below +5°C.

Produced in Ukraine, TM "Fabrika Decoru".